Somewhere in the world,
you have a birthday buddy who shares your Hebrew birthday!

Want to meet that person?

Yes, please keep me updated on your activities!

The day you were born
is one of the most exciting days of the year.

Imagine meeting someone in the Jewish world who shares your Hebrew birthday.
Your birthday will never be the same.

Meet someone else
who shares your Hebrew birthday

It could be a young man, a young woman, or a sweet grandmother.
It could be an artist, a teacher, or a television anchor. That's what's special about
Happy Birthday 2 You: The element of surprise!
And everyone loves birthday surprises!

Connected by Birth

"Mazel tov" and "Am Yisrael Chai" are sayings that connect Jews all over the world. Now your connection can become more personal: You can exchange birthday greetings via email, telephone, or any other way.

Want to know more? Read our FAQ:

"Happy Birthday 2 You" connects Jews in Israel with Jews of different ages throughout the world, and enables them to celebrate their shared birthday. We are a part of one big story. We hope that the initial meeting will lead to deep connections between our people that extend beyond borders.
It's simple. Just complete the registration form.
Once your registration is approved, the system will find your birthday buddy.
The project is designed for Jews from all over the world aged 16 and up and is free of charge.
The system scans the data of all the participants and randomly creates pairs, connecting an Israeli participant with a non-Israeli participant with the same birthday and a common language.
The system then informs the birthday buddies of their connection and the celebration of birthdays across borders begins!
As the date approaches, this website will send birthday wishes to you and your buddy via email and will invite you to send greetings to each other on the day itself.
We recommend staying in touch throughout the year, not just on your birthday.
The website makes the first connection, but after that it's up to you!
We encourage you to reach out at additional times. In the future, we will add activities and content to the site to help you strengthen your relationship.

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